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What We Bring to Public Events

We love connecting with and engaging our greater community at public events! We share our passion and the knowledge we’ve gained from our habitat to encourage and support others in either caring for butterflies and pollinators, or creating their own backyard habitat.

Our low-tech, all weather set-up can be adjusted to fit into any space provided.

Answer Questions

We love sharing our knowledge that we've learned from tending our habitat, raising caterpillars, and from fellow butterfliers. We can help with some gardening questions, too.

Caterpillars & Butterflies

We always bring the caterpillars, butterflies, and chrysalises we have available at the time of the event. People always ask, "Are these real?" Yes, they are!

Our Travel range

We are available to travel to your public or community event within the state of North Carolina.

Plants & Merchandise

If permitted to vend, we have an assortment of host and nectar plants for sale.

Provide Information

We have created lots of infographic documents to share and are available for download.

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