Backyard Habitats

Assisting fellow members of our community in creating backyard habitats is the third essential part of our mission. 


New for 2022! Weekly Mothing at Backyard Butterflies in our habitat.


We offer tours of our habitat May through September. We can accommodate groups of 15 or fewer people.

Yard Consultation

We can help you create your own backyard butterfly and moth habitat.

Caring for Our Habitat

We acknowledge that human activity, such as climate change and habitat destruction, has had a detrimental effect on numerous insect species resulting in population endangerment and extinction. We thoughtfully care for our habitat by following Nature’s lead, providing limited intervention only when deemed beneficial. We respect all organisms within our habitat as they all have an important role or function.

What is a backyard habitat?

A backyard habitat is an intentionally created space where plants and animals are provided a place to live and grow. The space must do all of the following:

provide food

In our habitat we use a combination of primarily native (and some non-native) plants as sources of food for a variety of insects, birds, and other small animals.

Provide Shelter

Insects, birds, and other small animals need safe places to live. Trees, shrubs, and weedy grass are home to hundreds of different species. In our habitat we mow only every 6-8 weeks. In the fall we allow leaves to remain as they are shelters for caterpillars and insects. 


We are very proud to be Messy/Lazy Gardeners

Habitat Stats


of caterpillars hand raised


of butterflies sighted in the habitat


of moths sighted in the habitat

1 +

of native and beneficial non-native plants


of butterfly & moth habitat

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