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Our flagship class in which we share with you a variety of caterpillars and butterflies currently living within our two acre habitat. We will explore to look for caterpillars on their host plants and observe adults butterflies foraging for nectar. The best time to experience this class are the months of May and August when we have the most species of caterpillars actively growing.


This class is available in May and in September and subject to availability of caterpillars and butterflies.


Class time is variable between 60–90 minutes.

Hands on learning

We have 4 learning stations set up in the habitat: Woodland, Backyard, Meadow, and Moths. At each station we will discuss host and nectar plants and will have a variety of caterpillars to interact with.


We can customize parts of this class to suit your group's needs.


This class can only be conducted in our backyard habitat.

recommended ages

Ages 8+ are recommended for this class

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