Short-toothed Mountain Mint

Pycnanthemum muticum
Full to part sun
Medium to dry soil
3-4 feet tall
Blooms July to September
Bloom color white with purple spots

Pot Size: 3.5" W x 3.5" L x 5" D

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Our Experience

You’ll want to give this plant room to sprawl out and form a large patch. A few weeks before it flowers the top most leaves will start to “frost” becoming a hazy white color. Shortly after the flowers will appear and then the magic begins!

We consider short-toothed mountain mint (STMM) to be an essential plant in our habitat. It attracts dozens of amazing insects! Wasps, bees, beetles, and bee mimic flies will chaotically buzz above the flowers at the height of summer.

STMM is very popular with members of the Hairstreak and Brushfoot families of butterflies. We haven’t observed much, if any, members of the Swallowtail family nectaring on the flowers.

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