Fall Moth Night

Join us for an evening of moth-ing in our backyard habitat! We will be firing up our 400 watt metal halide and 40 watt UV light to bring all of […]

Moths of Distinction: Brown Panopoda Moth

Common Name: Brown Panapoda Moth Scientific Name: Panopoda carneicosta Commonly seen on the collection sheet, this moth has an impressionistic “person sitting in a chair” marking on the dorsal hindwings.

Moths of Distinction: Southern Flannel Moth

Common Name: Southern Flannel Moth Scientific Name: Megalopyge opercularis The caterpillar of this moth is known as the Puss Moth caterpillar. It resembles a fuzzy pierogi or oddly shaped tribble. […]

Moths of Distinction: Baltimore Snout

Common Name:Baltimore Snout Scientific Name: Hypena baltimoralis A commonly seen visitor to the collecting sheet. It’s very distinct shape, colorations, and markings make it stand out in the crowd. Because […]

National Moth Week: Adult Moth Night

Join us at Backyard Butterflies for Adult Moth Night in celebration of National Moth Week! We are firing up our moth lights in the backyard! Come see what we attract […]