Thistle, Swamp

Cirsium muticum

Full to part sun
Wet to medium wet soil
7 feet tall
Bloom time July to October
Bloom color purple

Pot Size: 3.5" W x 3.5" L x 5" D

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Our Experience

While we have yet to grow this species of thistle, we have grown its relative Pasture Thistle. It may seem crazy to grow thistles yet what inspired us to do so was because of what we routinely observe during the annual NABA counts in August. Whenever we encounter a naturally growing thistle patch it is coated with an assortment of butterflies from all families.

Growing thistles may not be suitable for all gardens or habitats. Though they do not take up a large amount of space compared to other nectar plants, it’s not pleasant to brush against them so they will need space around them for you to safely pass by without being snagged by the prickles.

These plants are definitely deer and critter proof!


Photo credits:
Both images “Swamp Thistle (Cirsium muticum)” by Joshua Mayer under license CC BY 2.0

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