Caswell County

Genus Species Common Name Date
Halysidota unidentified Unidentified 06/21/2022
Heterocampa biundata Wavy-lined Heterocampa 06/21/2022
Heterocampa subrotata Small Heterocampa 06/21/2022
Hypagyrtis unipunctata One-spotted Variant 06/21/2022
Hypena madefactalis Gray-edged Snout 06/21/2022
Hypena scabra Green Cloverworm 06/21/2022
Hyperstrotia secta Black-patched Graylet 06/21/2022
Hypomecis longipectinaria Broadly Pectinate Hypomecis 06/21/2022
Hypsopygia olinalis Yellow-fringed Dolichomia 06/21/2022
Idaea obfusaria Rippled Wave 06/21/2022
Idaea scintillularia Diminutive Wave 06/21/2022
Idia aemula Common Idia 06/21/2022
Idia americalis American Idia 06/21/2022
Iridopsis defectaria Brown-shaded Gray 06/21/2022
Isochaetes beutenmuelleri Spun Glass Slug Moth 06/21/2022
Leucanopsis longa Long-streaked Tussock Moth 06/21/2022
Lipocosma sicalis Brown-banded Lipocosma 06/21/2022
Macaria bicolorata Bicolored Angle 06/21/2022
Macaria granitata Granite Angle 06/21/2022
Macaria transitaria Blurry Chocolate Angle 06/21/2022
Maliattha synochitis Black-dotted Glyph 06/21/2022
Melanolophia canadaria Canadian Melanolophia 06/21/2022
Nemoria bistriaria Red-fringed Emerald 06/21/2022
Olethreutes fasciatana Banded Olethreutes 06/21/2022
Paectes oculatrix Eyed Paectes 06/21/2022
Pococera militella Sycamore Webworm 06/21/2022
Prochoerodes lineola Large Maple Spanworm 06/21/2022
Proteoteras aesculana Maple Twig Borer 06/21/2022
Retinia gemistrigulana Gray Retinia 06/21/2022
Scolecocampa liburna Deadwood Borer 06/21/2022

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