Caswell County

Genus Species Common Name Date
Udea rubigalis Celery Leaftier June 20, 2022
Vitula edmandsii Dried Fruit Moth June 20, 2022
Zanclognatha theralis Flagged Fanfoot June 20, 2022
Acrolophus plumifrontella Eastern Grass Tubeworm June 21, 2022
Actias luna Luna Moth June 21, 2022
Amorpha juglandis Walnut Sphinx June 21, 2022
Anageshna primordialis Yellow-spotted Webworm June 21, 2022
Automeris io Io Moth June 21, 2022
Baileya dormitans Sleeping Baileya June 21, 2022
Baileya ophthalmica Eyed Baileya June 21, 2022
Calledapteryx dryopterata Brown Scoopwing June 21, 2022
Caloptilia bimaculatella Maple Caloptilia June 21, 2022
Catocala micronympha Little Nymph Underwing June 21, 2022
Cenopis directana Chokecherry Leafroller June 21, 2022
Choristoneura rosaceana Oblique-banded Leafroller June 21, 2022
Cisthene plumbea Lead-colored Lichen Moth June 21, 2022
Clepsis peritana Garden Tortrix June 21, 2022
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria Bent-lined Carpet June 21, 2022
Crambidia pallida Pale Lichen Moth June 21, 2022
Crambidia uniformis Uniform Lichen Moth June 21, 2022
Dasylophia thyatiroides Gray-patched Prominent June 21, 2022
Desmia funeralis Grape Leaffolder June 21, 2022
Dioryctria disclusa Rusty Pine Cone Moth June 21, 2022
Dryocampa rubicunda Rosy Maple Moth June 21, 2022
Ectropis crepuscularia Small Engrailed June 21, 2022
Epiblema otiosana Bidens Borer June 21, 2022
Epimecis hortaria Tulip-tree Beauty June 21, 2022
Eutrapela clemataria Curved-toothed Geometer June 21, 2022
Galgula partita Wedgling Moth June 21, 2022
Glaphyria glaphyralis Common Glaphyria June 21, 2022

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