Caswell County

Genus Species Common Name Date
Herpetogramma sphingealis None June 20, 2022
Hyperstrotia villificans None June 20, 2022
Hypoprepia fucosa Painted Lichen Moth June 20, 2022
Hypsoropha hormos Small Necklace Moth June 20, 2022
Idaea furciferata Notch-winged Wave June 20, 2022
Iridopsis larvaria Bent-line Gray June 20, 2022
Iridopsis vellivolata Large Purplish Gray June 20, 2022
Lagoa crispata Black-waved Flannel Moth June 20, 2022
Lesmone detrahens Detracted Owlet June 20, 2022
Lochmaeus bilineata Double-lined Prominent June 20, 2022
Lymantria dispar Gypsy Moth June 20, 2022
Marimatha nigrofimbria Black-bordered Lemon Moth June 20, 2022
Martyringa latipennis Square-spotted Martyringa June 20, 2022
Metarranthis homuraria Purplish Metarranthis June 20, 2022
Microcrambus biguttellus Gold-striped Grass Veneer June 20, 2022
Microcrambus elegans Elegant Grass-veneer June 20, 2022
Neodactria luteolellus Mottled Grass-veneer June 20, 2022
Nepytia semiclusaria Pine Conelet Looper June 20, 2022
Palthis angulalis Dark-spotted Palthis June 20, 2022
Panopoda rufimargo Red-lined Panopoda June 20, 2022
Pantographa limata Basswood Leafroller June 20, 2022
Patalene olyzonaria Juniper Geometer June 20, 2022
Plutella xylostella Diamondback Moth June 20, 2022
Pyrausta bicoloralis Bicolored Pyrausta June 20, 2022
Schizura unicornis Unicorn Prominent June 20, 2022
Schrankia macula Black-spotted Schrankia June 20, 2022
Sciota vetustella Belted Leafroller June 20, 2022
Scoparia unidentified Unidentified June 20, 2022
Speranza pustularia Lesser Maple Spanworm June 20, 2022
Tallula atrifascialis Dark-banded Tallula June 20, 2022

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