Caswell County

Genus Species Common Name Date
Acrobasis angusella Hickory Leafstem Borer 06/20/2022
Acrolophus texanella Texas Grass Tubeworm 06/20/2022
Anicla infecta Green Cutworm 06/20/2022
Argyrotaenia tabulana Jack Pine Tube Moth 06/20/2022
Aristotelia roseosuffusella Pink-washed Aristotelia 06/20/2022
Artace cribarius Dot-lined White 06/20/2022
Blepharomastix ranalis Hollow-spotted Blepharomastix 06/20/2022
Callosamia angulifera Tulip-tree Silk Moth 06/20/2022
Catocala ultronia Ultronia Underwing 06/20/2022
Cenopis cana Gray Sparganothis 06/20/2022
Ceratomia amyntor Elm Sphinx 06/20/2022
Chionodes unknown Unknown 06/20/2022
Citheronia regalis Regal Moth 06/20/2022
Condylolomia participialis Drab Condylolomia 06/20/2022
Cossula magnifica Pecan Carpenterworm 06/20/2022
Crambus agitatellus Double-banded Grass-veneer 06/20/2022
Cyclophora pendulinaria Sweetfern Geometer 06/20/2022
Darapsa myron Virginia Creeper Sphinx 06/20/2022
Datana angusii Angus’s Datana 06/20/2022
Diachorisia velatella Brown-spotted Diachorisia 06/20/2022
Dyspteris abortivaria Bad-wing Moth 06/20/2022
Elaphria grata Grateful Midget 06/20/2022
Emmelina monodactyla Morning-glory Plume Moth 06/20/2022
Epiblema scudderiana Goldenrod Gall Moth 06/20/2022
Epicallima argenticinctella Orange Epicallima 06/20/2022
Eudryas grata Beautiful Wood-nymph 06/20/2022
Eulithis diversilineata Lesser Grapevine Looper 06/20/2022
Fascista cercerisella Redbud Leaffolder 06/20/2022
Hellinsia unidentified Unidentified 06/20/2022
Herpetogramma pertextalis Bold-feathered Grass Moth 06/20/2022

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