Genus Species Common Name Date
Acoloithus falsarius Clemens’ False Skeletonizer 07/18/2022
Acrobasis caryaevorella Hickory Shoot Moth 07/18/2022
Acrolophus arcanella Arcane Grass Tubeworm 07/18/2022
Acrolophus texanella Texas Grass Tubeworm 07/18/2022
Acronicta retardata Maple Dagger 07/18/2022
Agrotis ipsilon Ipsilon Dart 07/18/2022
Argyrotaenia velutinana Red-banded Leafroller 07/18/2022
Arta olivalis Olive Arta 07/18/2022
Arta statalis Posturing Arta 07/18/2022
Chrysendeton medicinalis Bold Medicine Moth 07/18/2022
Chytolita morbidalis Morbid Owlet 07/18/2022
Coleotechnites florae Coleotechnites Flower Moth 07/18/2022
Crambus agitatellus Double-banded Grass-veneer 07/18/2022
Cyclophora myrtaria Waxmyrtle Wave 07/18/2022
Datana ministra Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth 07/18/2022
Elaphria grata Grateful Midget 07/18/2022
Elophila obliteralis Waterlily Leafcutter 07/18/2022
Eoreuma densella Wainscot Grass-veneer 07/18/2022
Ephestiodes infimella Reddish Ephestiodes 07/18/2022
Hypagyrtis unipunctata One-spotted Variant 07/18/2022
Hypsoropha hormos Small Necklace Moth 07/18/2022
Idia aemula Common Idia 07/18/2022
Larisa subsolana None 07/18/2022
Lobocleta unidentified Unidentified 07/18/2022
Macaria transitaria Blurry Chocolate Angle 07/18/2022
Microcrambus elegans Elegant Grass-veneer 07/18/2022
Microcrambus minor Minor Grass-veneer 07/18/2022
Paectes abrostoloides Large Paectes 07/18/2022
Palpita freemanalis Freeman’s Palpita 07/18/2022
Panopoda carneicosta Brown Panopoda 07/18/2022

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